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Income Properties Portfolio

Ryan Carlson talks about raising capital and sourcing deals

Ari's Property Tour- Almost $15k in cash flow

Rio Roble Phase 1 of Rehab

Josh talks about new acquisition, Rio Roble, on inspection day

Rio Roble Phase 2 of Rehab

Josh talks about new acquisition, Rio Sereno, on due diligence day

2017 Annual Multifamily Investor Conference

Boston, MA

Partner Due Diligence Property Tour

Two partners talk about their experience doing their first multifamily deal

Josh talks about Rehab Estimation and Inspection on Casa Roble Apartments

Rehab Example-  A glimpse into a previous rehab project

Post-rehab walk through of Casa Roble Apartments

Rio Roble Phase 2 of Rehab

Water Conservation- How to reduce property water bill

Partner Juan McLemore talks about his experience

Nick Murphy, Berkadia, talks about debt financing and getting started in multifamily

TPCG Tour East and West Coast to meet partners

Partner Chad Meredith talks about his experience

2018 Texas Annual Multifamily Investor Conference Houston, TX

Partner Jing He talks about her experience

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