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May 17-18, 2019!

Josh Welch, Three Pillars Capital Group: Own multifamily properties in Houston and will discuss about multifamily in Texas in 2019, investment thesis, investment strategy, etc.

Event Details:

Brunch: All attendees will meet at a carefully chosen, classy brunch spot that will allow of us to be seated in a way that will promote dialogue. This is a good time for introductions since a lot of us will be meeting for the first time. 

Rehab Demonstrations: We will visit one of our properties currently going through interior renovations. Our crews will demonstrate various interior renovation tasks such as laying down luxury vinyl planks, installing base boards, installing granite counters/tile/backsplash. Our crews specialize in these tasks and have years of experience. You will learn many cost cutting strategies and how to be efficient with rehabs.

Lunch: At this point we will want to all get some drinks and food to discuss, have a dialogue and ask questions. It will be a good time to refresh as it tends to get quite hot in Houston!

Keynote Speaker Panel: We have a series of meaningful presentations lined up. They discussion will be about topics that impact our business. We have:

Networking & Partner Matching: By this time, we would've spent several hours with each other and heard each other talk. We will know who we want to chat further with and expand our networks. Since the audience is carefully vetted, you can take comfort in the fact that everyone is ready and capable of doing deals. Rest comes down to chemistry between you and the other person.

- Insights, Presentation & Trends from Industry Veterans

- Capital Raising and Syndication Discussion

- Observe Rehab in Progress

- Walk Away with Partners Ready to do Deals

- Build your Rolodex of Investors

Jason Nybakken, IBC Insurance- He specializes in multifamily insurance and can add a ton of value during the pre-contract due diligence phase.

- Live demonstration of various interior rehab jobs (vinyl planks, granite counters, backsplash, etc. )

- Understand the intricacies behind efficient rehab work.

- Exclusive Opportunity to Meet Qualified & Ready Partners

- Focus on Doing Deals- NOW!

- No Fee or Cost- Attendees are invited after being vetted

- No Vendors or Sales Allowed


Everyone knows that value for tenants and investors is created through interior and exterior renovations. But do you know how those tasks are actually done? It's not as simple as handing over the responsibility to a general contractor. Even though you are not physically doing the work, it's imperative to understand how various interior and exterior renovations take place. Our crews will demonstrate how they are able to efficiently perform various rehab jobs.

After an absorbing day of observing crews perform rehabs, we will have a high quality mutlfamily speaker panel discuss state of multifamily in 2019 and cover topics such as deals, financing, investor expectations, etc.

The last part of this event will consist of networking. Is your goal to meet qualified and vetted partners who are ready to do deals? If you're like us, we'd rather be surrounded by a smaller group of vetted individuals than a large group of random people who paid for an expensive ticket. Forget expensive events with hundreds, or even thousands of people. Our thesis is that smaller, more focused groups is a better way to create meaningful relationships, which leads to people partnering up to do deals. With over 25,000+ people in our network, we have tried it all and this style of event is the result of all that. 

Event attendees are invited and chosen by us. Why? To ensure quality. This is probably one of the most exclusive real estate partnering events in the US. The outcome of this event should be that you leave with a solid rolodex

Rehab Demo Day and Multifamily Investor Partnering Summit 2019!
An Opportunity for qualified attendees to partner up to do deals

Important Details About Your Trip To Houston:​​

Arrival: Arrive on Friday night so that you can get settled in. We will start early on Saturday. If you try to arrive Saturday morning, a missed/delayed flight would throw everything off track for you.

Arrive: Friday, May, 17th, 2019
Summit: Saturday, May 18th, 2019
Departure: Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Nearby Hotel Options: Hilton Houston Post Oak By The Galleria, Royal Sonesta Houston, Hyatt Place Houston Galleria, Hotel Derek. These hotels are near our meeting spots, you won't be stuck in traffic.

Transportation: To get around comfortably in Houston, one needs a car! So either rent one or use Uber/Lyft. With Uber/Lyft you don’t have to worry about parking.​ We will have a charter coach during the event.

Departure: The summit will end after dinner on Saturday. We recommend staying till the end because more time spent means more opportunities to bond with others. Don’t try to squeeze the departure on Saturday. Leave on Sunday.

Introduction to Best Multifamily Partnering Up Summit 2019

Agenda (addresses will be sent privately to attendees): 

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Arrival into Houston. Nothing planned since attendees will be arriving at different times. In the past, people usually arrive evening/night after their work. Try to book direct flights to avoid missing connections/delays.

Saturday, May 18th, 2019

9:30am-11:00am: Investors Brunch and Introductions

12pm-2pm: Rehab Demonstrations at one of our properties

3pm-4pm: Lunch

4:30pm-5:30pm: Industry Veterans Speaking Panel (IBC, Three Pillars Capital Group)

5:30pm-7pm: Drinks, Networking and Partner Matching

Derek Fasulo, CBRE- He structures debt for syndicators. Derek and his team at CBRE work very closely with Freddie Mac and have deep relationships with various  bridge lenders specializing in mulitifamily. 

Spots Left:

​Apply For Invitation:

There are no tickets to buy. Invitations are given out after you have been vetted.

If you would like to be invited to this event, send us an email at josh.welch@threepillarscapitalgroup.com.

We will send you an application form that will allow us to understand your story and vision better. If visions match, we will send you an invitation right away. The invitation will contain all the details, time, locations, etc. of the above mentioned agenda in greater detail for you to book your flight and hotel.

We hope you appreciate that all attendees are vetted. This ensures that the event will be high quality and all attendees will be able to benefit from each others' participation.


1. Why should I attend?
- If you are someone who is serious and ready to partner up with others to do deals, you should attend. If you are looking for quality partners and are a little jaded from running into people who don't have a sense of urgency about doing deals, you should come.

2. Why are attendees vetted?
​- To ensure quality. Too many times large scale events have all kinds of people which takes away from the aura of the event. We find that focused groups with carefully vetted attendees results in more action.

3. What's the goal of the event?
- For all of us to find partners to do deals, that's it. 

4. How many people will be there?
- ~30. We believe that smaller groups allow for better relationship building than large scale auditorium style events. And it works!

5. Who covers the cost of the event?
- We do.

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