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We are interested in one thing: building businesses. We hold events open to all to further build our community! Don't be afraid to go to your local chapter and say hi!​

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1. Do you have $2,000,000 for a down payment to buy your first apartment building?

2. Do you have the experience and net-worth lenders look for before giving a loan?

3. Do you know how to underwrite a rental property to see if it's profitable?

4. Can you quit your job and take risks all by yourself?

If you answered no to any of those, then you are in the right place! You will have opportunities to partner up with motivated people and experienced pros to buy apartment complexes. It's often a chicken and egg problem where investors and lenders look for execution experience while one normally struggles to get a few deals under their belt.

It was quite challenging to source deals and put investors together to take down multi-million dollar deals. We have perfected our acquisitions process and see more deals than we can close on! Given our backgrounds and network, we have access to wealthy investors who continue to invest in our deals. 

If you are someone who is looking to gain that execution experience and understand the operations, check out the rest of this website to learn more. Oh and lastly, there's nothing more that we hate than inaction and book learning (or listening to podcasts/watching videos). We are all about execution and taking action.

2018 Texas Annual Multifamily Multifamily Investor Conference 
Keynote Speakers: Joshua D. Welch
​Sponsor: Riverway Title Company
​Location: Houston, TX

Lucas Fertitta, Director of Acquisitions, Houston, TX
​Three Pillars Capital Group
Lucas Fertitta is passionate about new business opportunities while maintaining positive relationships with multifamily owners across the Houston MSA. His primary focus is sourcing multifamily properties off market or listed with brokerage firms and determining if the investment fits our investment model. He has 8 years of experience in the multifamily industry and has successfully closed over $32, 000, 0000 in transactions. Lucas has worked with prestigious real estate firms including Tarantino Properties, Marcus and Millichap and Houston Income Properties. Lucas graduated from Baylor University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. His charitable and volunteer affiliations include the
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo since 2010 and Lone Survivor Foundation. Lucas is committed to giving back to the community and currently supports Wounded Soldiers, HPD, City Fire Fighters/EMS drivers and Texas Highway Patrol officers. His hobbies include cooking, tennis, outdoor activities and live music.

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Income Properties Portfolio

Ari Goldschneider, Boston, MA
Bigger Pockets Profile

Bio: Beginning his journey at age 23 Ari purchased his first rental property in Boston. Capitalizing on rising real estate prices, in 2014 he leveraged equity created to acquire another in neighboring Somerville (north of Boston). Utilizing this same strategy he was able to purchase another building in Somerville (2015) and a larger one also in Somerville (2016). Aside from the initial investment in 2007, no additional cash has been required to finance subsequent real estate acquisitions. Efficiently and effectively utilizing bank debt enabled the initial investment to grow into a real estate portfolio worth over $8+ million with the keys to success being buying at the right time/price and renovating in a manner that generates a clear return on investment.

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