General Partner

Before IPP Deal Club, passive investing
Started as a Key Partner on 56-unit Sycamore Garden
Became a General Partner on 96-unit Pine Lake Village
Became a General Partner on 196-unit Green Tree
Became a General Partner on 168-unit Ridge Point

To get considered, fill this out-

 Short Application.

Member spotlight

Due Diligence Phase

- We start sharing off-market deals to members only as we source them

Insurance, Management, etc.

Step by step process after member is approved to join


Access to Off-Market Deals (20-100 units). Partner Up with Qualified and Vetted Partners. We sign on the note!

- Pay the annual fee

- Wait for the next initiation event in Houston where all members are invited (once a month).

We always have access to off-market deals no one else is looking at. We keep updating the member's area with deal financials so that they can keep underwriting it. You can gain from operational experience if you need help underwriting a deal. Here are the current deals in play:

- 60-unit- deal access and financials shared with members only

- 80-unit- deal access and financials shared with members only

- 46-unit- deal access and financials shared with members only

30-unit (Part 1) properties side by side- deal access and financials shared with members only

- 30-unit (Part 2) properties side by side- deal access and financials shared with members only

We will discuss more about these in our next webinar event. Join here-

Member introduction & Discussions

Letter of Intent

Deal Underwriting

Enter member's area to see all members and current off-market deals-

 link shared with members

We gave them an off-market deal, introduced them to each other and signed on their mortgage note! 

These are four solid folks who wanted to do their own deals. They lacked one resource another. They had invested in our deals prior to that. But we introduced them to each other because they have matching goals and vision.

We found them an off-market 26-unit deal called Monterrey Vista. They had 0 competing bids. The seller only saw their offer. This deal was sourced through our relationships.

Once they knew they are doing the deal, we guided them to create their LLC and get the deal under contract. They all flew to Houston for the property inspection (see video to the right). We introduced them to CBRE to get a Freddie Mac loan and we signed on the note for them!

Now, Rory, Steffen, JP and Dan are doing bigger deals and actively working on growing their portfolio. That's beautiful.

current off-market deals


General Partner

​Before IPP Deal Club, passive investing
​Started as a Key Partner on 56-unit Sycamore Garden
Became a General Partner on 122-unit Camino Del Sol
​Becamce a General Partner on 196-unit Green Tree

maximum number of members we will accept right now

Debt & Equity

Off-Market Deals

- Once every 4-6 weeks there will be a partner meeting in Houston.

- Partner networking, property tours and partner matching.

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Get Selected To Join Income Properties Deal Club

The next partner match event is coming up!

Date: Saturday, July 25th, 2020
Time: 9am-4pm
: Disclosed to members only

8am: Registration, Coffee and Introductions
9am: Breakfast
10:30am: Depart for property tours
2pm: Lunch
3:30pm: Partner Matching and Networking

By the time you arrive to the partner match event, you should already have put an effort to get to know the other members, know which deals interest you the most and have finished the underwriting. You will book your own flight and hotel. Show up to the registration area at 8am on Saturday, July 18th, 2020!

Click below and fill out the short form to let us know that you want to be considered. We will send you the longer application (2-pages). We will review your application and determine whether to hop on a call. If all goes well, we will approve your application. We hope you can appreciate our desire to maintain a strict quality control on who gets to join the club. If you are someone we determine is good to join, you will benefit from the other members and they will benefit from you. If we admit tire kickers or those who drag their feet, no deals will get done and no action will take place!

How does the club work

LLC Creation

Get Selected To Join the Club: Our application is simple, but works very well. We just want to know more about you, your background, your goals and determine whether you are serious and ready to do deals. The quality of the club lies solely in it's members. Our goal is not to have a large club, but to have members that would tremendous value, just like Rory, Steffen, JP and Dan's example above! You don't want to meet members in our club who are tire kickers or folks who find reasons to walk away from a deal! We vet each member before inviting them to join.

Join The Club: If you are accepted after we review your application and conduct a phone interview, you will be invited to join. The membership fee is $400/month paid annually. The costs cover our overhead and organizing everything. Once your fee is paid, you will be invited to the next member initiation meet. This is the meeting when deals are discussed and partnerships are made!

Off-Market Deals: We are constantly sourcing off-market deals. As you can see from our portfolio, we focus on ~150+ unit deals. But we constantly see 20-100 unit deals. Real estate is a relationship business and we have been in the industry long enough that deals come to us. The deals we offer members is 99% off-market and you will have no outside competition bidding on the deal! We will share the deal financials with you so that you can underwrite it. We will share our underwriting model so you know how we operate our properties. We are notorious for running a very lean ship!

Partner Match: When it's clear that the next deal has been targeted, we will arrange a Partner Match day in Houston. There will be a ton of networking, but the main focus here will be to hash out deal details and for you to pick and choose who you want to partner up with. 

What This is Not: This is not an educational program. We are not here to teach you how to underwrite a deal or how property management works. We will not be giving you books to read or powerpoint slides or conduct webinars to teach you. 

Off-Market Deals: It is brutally hard to find good quality off-market deals. Ever spoken to a broker who tells you about a deal that's "off-market", yet he goes around telling the world about the deal? We've acquired over a $100M+ in assets and we have never had competition for the properties we acquired because we worked directly with the seller. We cut the brokers out. We only focus on 150+ unit deals. However, through our relationships we get a ton of sub-100 unit deals. Instead of letting them go to waste, we offer those deals to our members.

Vetted & Qualified Partners: Even if you have a deal, can you do the deal alone? It's best to partner up with 2-4 people to do your first few deals. If you've attended "seminars" in fancy exotic locations, you don't know who you are meeting. Just because they bought a ticket to the event doesn't mean they are serious or able to do a deal. We vet and qualify individuals before they are allowed into the club. So this way club members gain tremendous value from others joining and you add value to the members already there. Matching vision, goals and motivation are extremely important to successful partnerships.

Sign on Mortgage: We will put up our net worth and liquidity to sign on the mortgage note in most cases! This turns out to be a huge help, especially if you've never signed on a Fannie or Freddie loan.

- Fill out our application

- Phone interview

- We make a determination and announce to you

As mentioned, our focus is on accepting high quality members who want to do deals. The existing club members want to aggressively do deals and they have already executed. We have a strict vetting process and a huge focus is on goals, vision and motivation. 

There are 5 deals in play above. 11 members right now want to partner up with others to buy the deals. We are accepting 15 more members into the IPP Deal Club. These are people who want to actively partner up to buy off-market multifamily properties. Once members are finalized, all members will be invited to the next partner match event. Of course in the mean time you will have access to all the current members and all above mentioned deal financials to start underwriting.

As you read above, the focus is on HIGH QUALITY members, not quantity. People who are accepted are those who want to take action. If we add folks who are unlikely to do deals, it just ruins the quality of the club. The goal is to do deals. We do our best to vet and qualify folks to join the Income Properties Deal Club. Below are a few examples of real members who are in the Income Properties Deal Club. You'd have an opportunity to do deals with them and many others!

0                                                  11 members interested in the deals above                                26

General Partner

​Before IPP Deal Club, passive investing
​Started as a Key Partner on 196-unit Green Tree
Became a General Partner on 168-unit Ridge Point

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Partner Match

opportunity to be considered as key partner on deals- Wed, Aug. 26th at 9pm EST/8pm Cst/6pm PST- Join Here

Purchase & Sale Agreement

case study: Meet Rory, Steffen, JP and Dan! We gave them an off-market deal and signed on their note!

Income Properties Portfolio

General Partner

​​Before IPP Deal Club, passive investing
Started as a Key Partner on 40-unit La Sonrisa
​Became a General Partner on 96-unit Pine Lake Village