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New Opportunity for New Team:

We are willing to put together a new team, just like we did for Dan, Rory, Steffen and JP. We don't intend on doing this forever. But we are doing it now. The following should be some of your profile characteristics:

- Understand multifamily investing. You must understand the pros, cons, rewards and risks.

- Maybe you've already invested passively in other deals or been a sponsor.

- You have spent an awful lot of time looking for deals.

- You run into folks who say they want to do deals, but nothing seems to materialize. Or maybe you already have a partner but need 1-2 more to get over the finish line.

- You must have good credit, no bankruptcy and generally a clean background. We want to put together a high caliber team. And besides, like minded folks would expect their partners to be squeaky clean.

Steps to Get Started and What to Expect:

We are taking applications now. Send an email to Put "Active Partnering" in the subject line. We will go from there.

As we review applications, we will start putting teams together via email. Once final selections are made, we will start putting their name and photo above.

Obviously once we make the introductions, you guys have to talk among yourselves to see how you gel. Our goal is to facilitate everything. Once 3-4 of the right individuals have been partnered up, we will take the team to the next step of doing a deal.

Active Partnering
Partner Up with other active buyers to take down deals!

Only for individuals seeking to partner up with others.

To get started, email and put "Active Partnering" in the subject line.

Under Consideration

Under Consideration

The Opportunity:

We will partner up 3-4 individuals who want to do their first or second multifamily deal. Finding deals in this market is very difficult. Everything we do is off-market. 

But more than finding the right deal, finding the right partners who have the same motivation, goals, sense of urgency is very difficult. Person A may like more risk and Person B might be very risk averse. It's important to have the right partners. We know this first hand. Our own success was born out of the right people coming together. It's very important to have the right partners who want to take action and do deals, otherwise one can waste a lot of time. 

opportunity to be considered as key partner on deals- Wed, June 10th at 9pm EST/8pm Cst/6pm PST- Join Here

Under Consideration

Case Study:

In February of 2019, we partnered up four individuals: Steffen from Houston, Rory from Charlotte, Dan from Portland and JP from New York. They were all in the same boat in terms of their real estate careers. They were super ready to do their own deal. All they needed was each other and a deal! That's where we stepped in. We gave them both!

Thanks to our network of over 30,000 real estate investors, we were able to make the right introductions and connections. We played matchmaker to Dan, Rory, Steffen and JP.

Our director of acquisitions, Lucas Fertitta, has deals come across his table all the time. We gave Dan, Steffen, JP and Rory a deal. It was their first solo deal. We introduced them to our attorney, CBRE, insurance agent, etc. They are off to the races and already eyeing their next acquisition!

Watch the video to understand how it worked.